Who we are

We are fitness professionals who’ve embarked on a mission to find better ways to achieve the benefits of fitness for ourselves, our families, and our friends. We are local athletes that use the incredible trails, rivers, parks, and our unique training studio to clear our minds, condition our bodies, and connect with friends.

What we’ve learned

We’ve learned that one-size-fits-all programs don’t address individual needs. We’ve learned that if you want different results than everyone else, you need to do different things than everyone else We’ve learned that humans have been achieving incredible fitness long before treadmills were invented.

What we believe

We believe that ancient wisdom should be at the core of a modern approach. We believe that the human body is the greatest machine ever created. We believe the power to motivate and inspire others is encoded in our DNA.

What we do

Achieving the true benefits of fitness is a lifelong mission, not an annual resolution, so we take a different approach. We provide our minds with purpose, accountability, and the right attitude so we can pursue our dreams. We train our bodies to be strong, flexible, and balanced, so we can go wherever our dreams take us. We’ve created a community where we inspire others to pursue their dreams, volunteer our time so we can help others’ dreams come true, and connect with others to create the support system that helps make all our dreams a reality.

What you do

Dream big, believe that you can live the life of your dreams, and don’t ever stop pursuing them. Understand that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, so embrace the tough times because they will teach you valuable lessons. Check your attitude, because a positive mindset will overcome all obstacles. Bring an open mind and a joyful heart and you will be rewarded with a happy healthy life.